“Education for a Changing Climate” is a week-long workshop, co-sponsored by The Orion Society, publisher of Orion Magazine, from July 27 – August 2, 2008 on the campus of Unity College in Maine. 

The conference brings together teacher from the sciences, humanities and language arts, museum curators, natural interpreter, and environmental journalist who work together to develop useful and nourishing ideas and strategies for the classroom, nature centers, zoos, museums, and curriculum.

Throughout the week, participants have the opportunity to learn new and innovative approaches within a learning community of leading scholars, authors, activists, and education professors.  Workshop participants are challenged to use their creativity and imagination to develop skills through field-based learning, conversations, and presentations.

Overall, the workshop includes a comfortable, friendly atmosphere filled with camaraderie. The keynote address offers an environmental challenge which unites participants throughout the entire workshop, and upon reflection, valuable experiences will be shared.


One Response to “About the Workshop”

  1. […] and went to a week-long conference hosted Unity College, Maine, and the Orion Society: “Educating in a Changing Climate“. Now this one week was so exciting and inspiring, that I wish I had recorded all the little […]

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