This is my first time ever using a blog, and I’ve never been tempted to do so before, but after the amazing week with all of you, I suppose this is one way (assuming you check the blog!) to continue sharing our insights, our struggles – our stories. 

When my group agreed to do our project on bottled water, I thought, “Yeah, well, that’s important, but can’t we do something bigger?  Can’t we push ourselves into unknown and uncomfortable territory in the spirit of gaining new insights through collaborative brainstorming?”  

Well, as usual, I do not have everything figured out, and I am continually seeing the benefits of choosing this topic.  The most direct and specific benefit is a synchronistic moment I had this morning with my boss, who asked me, “Joanna, do you know anything about plastic water bottles, the different kinds out there, their toxicity, and the alternatives?” 

“Well, Mr. Davies, as a matter of fact, I do.  I just happened to be part of a presentation on this topic not even a week ago.”  My recent knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to tell him right away that the bottles we were selling in our gift shop are not safe for re-use.  He asked me if I could send him a report on what’s out there and what the safe alternatives are.  Amazing.  I did that, and now we’re in a position to rid PET and BPA bottles completely.  Amazing.  Not only that, but I had zero difficulty in convincing him to use tap water (with a carbon filter if one so desires) at our workshops and other events.  Wow.  I just can’t believe it.  Amazing. 

I know I spent much of the workshop complaining about Arkansas and my job.  I don’t know if this is where I’ll be in the long-term, but I do know that today was a good day – an unexpectedly good day, and this I am so grateful for and humbled by.  I hope others continue sharing their stories.  We have so much to learn from each other.  Thank you.