Day 1
I forgot how hot it is on the east coast in the summer. I’m not sure that this can be attributed to climate change or global warming or the climate change crisis but I think I need to find a pond to swim in soon.

Tonight we start our journey together–about 30 people who’d like to find ways to reach more people with information and (I hope) hope about climate change. I’m looking forward to meeting the group and pulling out of my own work project enough to stop worrying about deadlines and emails and obligations.

I’m coming with a lot of questions about the role that education plays in a huge global problem like this. It seems that the line between science, education and advocacy is very thin. How can we know about the changes that are happening and not do everything we can in our own lives and encourage people to make changes in theirs too. One of the biggest challenges (ok most frustrating aspects) is that there seems to be so little we can do, it is so easy to feel discouraged and tune out. I’ve changed my light bulbs and wash in cold water but I still don’t have a carbon tax option! If I feel that way and the leaders at my museum feel that it’s hopeless, what can we possibly offer to our visitors to help them navigate this–the largest challenge our culture has faced for a century or more?

Well off to find a pond–the computer and my brain are getting overheated.